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Taxi Rzeszów is a taxi company that offers fast, safe and convenient transport in Rzeszów and the surrounding area. Our company has been operating for over 10 years and enjoys the trust of many customers. Our taxis are modern, air-conditioned and equipped with terminals for non-cash payments. Our crew consists of licensed, experienced and polite drivers who are always there to help and advice. We offer a wide range of services, such as: phone shopping, starting a car, timely transfer, delivery to the airport, handling organized events, domestic and foreign transport. For regular customers, we have a special offer - a Loyalty Card, which gives discounts and additional benefits. If you are looking for a proven and professional taxi company in Rzeszów, call us or order a taxi through our website. Taxi Rzeszów - always at hand!

Fotorealistyczne zdjęcie żółtej taksówki marki Ford Crown Victoria na ruchliwej ulicy miasta. Taksówka ma żółte nadwozie i czarno-białą szachownicę. Na dachu taksówki znajduje się światło z numerem 7. Wokół taksówki widać wysokie budynki, inne samochody, w tym biały van i czarny samochód.

We offer


Delivery and collection of children from schools by Taxi Rzeszów is a service that involves ordering a taxi that will take or bring your child to or from school. You can use this service if you do not have the time or opportunity to deliver or pick up your child yourself, or if you want to provide him with safe and convenient transport.


Our company offers professional service of events in Rzeszów and the surrounding area. With us, every party will be an unforgettable experience! Our experienced and friendly drivers will ensure safe and comfortable transport for you and your guests


Phone shopping is a service that allows you to order products from various stores over the phone and receive them in a convenient place and time. You can use this service if you don't have the time or opportunity to shop on your own, or if you want to avoid queues and crowds in stores.


Taxi Rzeszów offers professional transport of animals in Rzeszów and the surrounding area. With us, your pets will travel in comfortable and safe conditions. Contact us to learn more about our pet transport offer.


Taxi service starting a car on cables is a service that involves ordering a taxi equipped with jumper cables that will help you start your car with a discharged battery. You can use this service if you do not have your own cables or there is no other car nearby that could help you.


Picking a car by Taxi Rzeszów is a service that involves ordering a taxi that will take you and your car to the indicated address. You can use this service if you happened to consume alcohol at a party you came to in your car, or if you can't drive for any other reason.


Domestic transport is a road transport service for people and goods in Poland. Taxi Rzeszów has appropriate licenses and permits to perform such services throughout the country.

Foreign transport is road transport services for people and things outside Poland. To perform such services, our company has appropriate licenses and certificates that entitle you to transport within the European Union and in third countries that have signed contracts with the EU.


If you are looking for a convenient, fast and stress-free way to get to the airport in Jasionka, use our airport transfer service by taxi in Rzeszów. It is an ideal solution for business or private travelers who appreciate time and comfort.

To meet your expectations, we prefer non-cash payments.

You don't have to worry about the lack of cash in the wallet or the problem with small ones.

There is a cashless payment terminal in each of our taxis.

Płatności bezgotówkowe w Taxi Rzeszów

Why us

Our crew

Our drivers are people with a license, extensive experience and high qualifications.

Convenience and safety

In our services, we focus on quality, safety and driving comfort.

Loyalty Card

For people who often use our services, we offer a Loyalty Card.

Opinia nr 1 o Taxi Rzeszów

I had the pleasure of driving with taxi Rzeszów today a very nice and communicative gentleman (greetings) I never complain about the quality of transport or Taxi Rzeszów drivers. maybe I have such a luck

Opinia nr 2 o Taxi Rzeszów

I highly recommend Rzeszów taxi, transport to the airport and after returning from the airport, everything very well organized, quickly and safely they brought us to the place. Sms confirming the acceptance of the order as well as contact with drivers without charge. Super company

Opinia nr 3 o Taxi Rzeszów

Today I used your services I am very satisfied with the service very nice driver road very safe, the driver could see knew the route from memory. Regards - thank you

Opinia nr 4 o Taxi Rzeszów

We didn't have to wait long for a taxi ride. The driver was sympathetic. We are very satisfied and will remember about Taxi Rzeszów on the next opportunity